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Sakura Chawan Bowl

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Sakura Chawan Bowl

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A high quality hand-made matcha ceremonial chawan in Japan using the famous artistry called Minoyaki. The "Mino" craft officially became an important Japanese national treasure in 1978. This ceremonial bowl is made in a "Shino" style. Shino-yaki is one of the most loved collections of ceramics, it characterizes a snowy white texture with sakura design 

This item will be a unique and delicate Japanese gift to families, relatives and friends. It can even be used as an average tea cup but is ideally designed for Japanese tea ceremony. 

*Since we are receiving huge amount of orders, please give us a week to process your order.


Size 9.5 x 6.5 cm (3.74in x 2.56in)
Model No.  KE47132
Pottery Shinoyaki, Japan


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