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Chakai Asatsu

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Chakai Asatsu

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The ceremony grade is our most vital and savory matcha worthy of a Japanese traditional ceremony. The tea leaves are grown in shade for a long period of time producing a vibrant green color which makes it more distinctive and a top quality matcha green tea. Organic Chakai Asatsu Ceremonial Matcha gives you a smooth taste with creamy feeling on the tongue and no bitter aftertaste.  Perfect for both sipping and blending with your recipes.


1. Start by setting up your matcha tea set which includes your tea bowl (drinking bowl or chawan), tea whisk (chasen), tea spoon (chashaku)  and matcha powder on the table.

2. Pour boiling water to pre heat your tea bowl and then warm up your tea whisk by dipping it into the bowl while whisking it gently.

3. Discard the water to a different bowl or directly to the kitchen sink if you're near; afterwards, wipe bowl with clean cloth.

4. Measure 2 chashaku scoops (1 tsp or 2 grams) of matcha powder should be enough. Carefully pour the matcha into your tea bowl. Use chasen to mix the powder to avoid uneven amount. (use this method if you don't have a mesh strainer).

5. Add a small amount of boiling water, then mix well. Next, add more boiling water until cup or bowl is 1/3 full or 2.04 oz to be exact. For best results, use filtered water to mix matcha as it affects the overall taste if non-filtered water was used.

6. Whisk the tea using your bamboo tea whisk in a zig zag motion in order to blend the powder until it dissolves. Try not to let the water splash out and continue to whisk until it becomes frothy and a light green foam begins to appear. (The goal is to get only small bubbles on the surface, not big ones)

7. Shake the whisk off and put it aside. Hold the tea bowl with both hands and you can now enjoy your Matcha Green Tea.

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