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Living a long and healthy life is the major aim of every individual. This is possible if we watch what we eat and drink and consume products that will be beneficial to our bodies. This is what you will get when you purchase our product.  We produce premium and high quality grade Matcha green tea which is harvested, developed and manufactured in Nara and Uji, Kyoto prefecture Japan.

The tea produced in Uji has a more profound flavor and aroma along with a more gentle color than other types of tea produced in any other regions of Japan. Among tea farmers and leaders in the tea industry, Uji is highly rated as a remarkable tea. For years, Uji has been the only place where all kinds of high grade tea including Matcha, Gyokuro, and Sencha have been produced.

The flavor of matcha depends on the quality of powder used and the region from which it comes from. 

A few reasons why you should buy from us:

Excellent Quality Products - Mix N' Matcha products are genuinely manufactured and designed to help improve and boost your health in a natural way. Premium grade ingredients, guaranteed that there are absolutely no foreign substances, chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides in any of our products.


Made in Japan / Packed in U.S.A. - All of our products are harvested, developed and manufactured in the center of high quality grade tea plantations. Located in the earliest and primal mountainous areas of Nara and Uji, Kyoto prefecture Japan. Likewise, our products are carefully packed in our US warehouse.

FREE SHIPPING  - What keeps us very different from other companies is that we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders, regardless of quantity, so there are no hidden costs at checkout. Unfortunately, this only applies to the USA since worldwide shipping is not available yet.

Fast and Reliable Delivery - Because most of our products will be shipped via USPS First Class/Priority Mail service delivery, packages will get to you faster than advertised.


Mix N' Matcha is certain to deliver a great experience and is passionate about offering the best products possible to our customers. Our company partner from Japan, A world class supplier and considered one of the earliest and most trustworthy names in the business is recognized by its excellence in producing authentic organic tea products with all the natural benefits expected of such high-quality commodity. 

Our manufacturing partner guarantees that all of it's products are developed and manufactured under the approval of internationally recognized organizations such as the OCIA, OCIA International, and JAS and USDA.  All products are carefully packaged with the highest level of quality control. 



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