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Matcha green tea powder is considered as a refreshing alternative to the traditional tea, which is loaded with antioxidants that boost the energy level, health and mood. Most of us are somewhat familiar with green tea, but matcha green tea powder has a different character that offers a great profile of nutrients.

Before you choose to purchase Matcha, you ought to know what to use it for. Are going to drink it in its traditional tea form? Or is it going to be added to one of your favorite recipes? The main reason why you ought to know what the matcha will be used for is due to their different grades, which can be determined by the ingredients used, processing method and quality of the appearance – ranging from the color of the tea, texture to the fineness of the powder. There are two types of Matcha tea powders: Ceremonial and Culinary, but culinary can be further divided into many grades:

Culinary grade matcha is not a low-quality tea in any way. This kind of Matcha tea is made different and has various flavors and uses than the ceremonial grade. Like its name suggest, culinary grade matcha is used for cooking and baking. While this grade is drinkable, it is better not to drink it due to its slightly bitter and strong taste. It’s meant to be combined with different ingredients used in beverage and food recipes. It’s slightly astringent flavor is what enables it to blend well with other smoothies and milk-based drinks. Culinary grade matcha smells fresh and grassy, and feel smooth and soft – never coarse or gritty. It might look less brightly green than ceremonial grade matcha, but it still has a noticeably green color.
Now that you comprehend what different grades of Matcha can be used for, then it’s time your morning with a cup of matcha green tea or mix it with your favorite recipe at home.

Summer Harvest (Kitchen Grade) - An early summer season tea harvest, serves as an economical choice for blending in pancackes, cakes, desserts and other pastry recipes you preferred added with sugar and cream. 

Spring Harvest (Cafe Grade) - An exceptional quality matcha produced in the late spring season ideal for preparing your favorite recipes like lattes, shakes , smoothies, appetizing dips and also perfect for pancakes, cakes, desserts and other pastry recipes of your choice.

This premium grade matcha is the highest quality of green tea powder available. Ceremonial grade matcha has a mild flavor, naturally sweet that’s smothered by the addition of chocolate, sugar, milk or soy products. The sensitive nuances of this premium grade are best enjoyed when mixed with hot water. It is made using the youngest tea leaves, with the veins and stems completely removed. This premium has only one purpose —the purpose of drinking. Thanks to its bright green, and talc-like powder that’s slightly grassy and smell fresh, which make it easy to be recognized from other tea grades.

Ceremonial (Ceremony Grade) - First tea harvest of the season, known for the famous tea ceremony practice in the early Japanese culture considerably the best quality matcha with a very smooth and strong taste. It projects a superb vibrant green color which gives you a distinctive flavor and aroma. Best for both sipping and blending.

Premium (Rare and Exquisite) - A master's choice, Mix N' Matcha's signature supreme grade matcha that boasts it's richness in both taste and aroma. Hand-picked from the youngest stages of tea harvest which gives you a high quality bright green colored matcha powdered tea. Perfect for both sipping and blending.



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