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About Us

Mix N' Matcha's mission, values and vision speaks for the company's focal point on improving and supporting maximum health degree. We are committed to provide a unique, remarkable and premium quality organic and natural products that will help you stay strong and vigorous. We center not only on matcha and tea, but we are also dedicated to deliver more excellent health food products to our customers in the future. We thoroughly understand we have the responsibility in meeting the needs of each individual towards a healthy and dynamic everyday life on a global basis.

Mix N' Matcha takes pride in helping customers reach their wellness goals, thus, we truly believe we have the integrity, accountability, initiative and incomparable service. 

How It All Started                                                                                                            

It all began 2013 in South Korea when Jose Marie, CEO of Mix N' Matcha, travelled through the mountain valleys of Boseong. This area was already known to be a tea plantation during the undertaking of the Japanese. He learned about the unimaginable strength a matcha green tea can do to the body and how influencial it became to Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and China. After a few months of basic research, he was able to recognize that the purest and highest quality of matcha can be found in Japan. Being a coffee devotee for years, it took him a few days only shifting to matcha green tea not only because it has a "better" caffeine, but also the unthinkable health benefits it can offer to people. Today he shares his experience how matcha influenced his life on a daily basis; from home to work and relationship, by opening Mix N' Matcha together with his brother. Our success will be your success too!



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