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Organic Matcha

Our authentic Japanese matcha is the key element of Mix N' Matcha, recognized by OICA, OICA-International and is both a certified organic by Japan (JAS) and US (USDA) standards. Obtained in the most trustworthy producers in Nara and Uji, Kyoto prefecture Japan, we deliver the finest and highest quality in selection of matcha. 

Matcha contains the "better" caffeine and energy booster that supports lifting the vitality of your body and helps you keep focus and concentration. Also, with just a cup or two of organic matcha, it increases your body's metabolism, it supports your weight loss and gives you that positive feeling naturally. Matcha generally is an excellent source of antioxidants, so it makes perfect sense that it could reduce the risk of cancer. Not only it contains antioxidant, it also has other essential vitamins, minerals and natural compound that helps keep your skin healthy and young. 



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