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Why Shift from Coffee to Matcha Tea?


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You're probably one of those coffee obsessed individuals who can't get enough of drinking coffee everyday, but for some reasons you would want to shift drinking to a matcha green tea. And so the question goes, is coffee really good or bad for me? why should I stop drinking coffee and change to matcha green tea? 

First, we have to recognize the fact that coffee has opposite effects in our body that may increase the risk of mortality related to health problems. Study shows that caffeine in coffee escalates your stress hormones. Stress response brings out cortisol and increases insulin, while insulin develops inflammation that may lead you to feel despicable. 

For some people, coffee is good for your health and for some it is bad. Coffee has high level of antioxidants but you have to remember that it only contains a small amount of vitamins and minerals which will only add up if you drink more cups daily. Also, the caffeine in coffee can only cause minor boost in energy levels, function of the brain, metabolic rate, and work out performance. Numerous studies have shown that drinking a cup of coffee per day may reduce 7% risk of type 2 diabetes, likewise coffee drinkers are at lower risk of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer. 

On the other hand, Matcha Green Tea has it all!  Not only that a cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 times nutrition than the regular green tea, the antioxidant level itself is 137 times more than what is found in coffee, and contains more vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals since you consume the whole leaf of matcha green tea. It's no surprise that matcha has "better" caffeine compared to coffee and is recognized as a superfood to increase your body's metabolism, boosts your memory and concentration, promotes calmness, enhances your energy level and endurance, improves your immune system, burn calories. It even fights cancer and reduce the risk of having diabetes.

Addiction is generally an issue with coffee enthusiasts and makes it really difficult to depend on the body's natural source of energy. Withdrawal from coffee may lead to headache, fatigue, depressed mood, muscle pain, nausea and difficulty in concentration. Matcha green tea however don't give you these symptoms once you stop drinking from it, that's why it is considered as one of the healthiest food in the world. It's no easy to shift from coffee to tea but if you really want to live a healthy and vigorous life, start your mornings with a cup of matcha green tea. Stay strong, live long! 

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