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Matcha vs. Regular Green Tea

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Most people drink green tea for a beneficial health. Green tea is ideal for those who want to optimize their daily vigorous lifestyle, thus, this beverage is considered as one of the healthiest you can drink. It's loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have potent property for an optimal well-being. It can essentially help with fat loss, brain function, balance of blood sugar level, and lower the risk of cancer — In general, it can almost treat most of the common and rare diseases. In the event you surely wish to raise the ante up, it is time for you to think about switching from green tea to Matcha Tea. Why? Read more below to briefly understand the difference between a regular green tea and matcha tea.

The difference is that matcha tea by which the whole leaf of Camellia Sinensis is ground up into powder whereas regular green tea leaves are processed through steaming, shaping and drying. So whenever you drink matcha, you are directly ingesting the whole green tea leaf.

In matcha tea, farmers canvas the plants throughout a part of the expanding season to make a thinner, better-tasting leaf. The inner leaves from the plant are handpicked, steamed, and matured to create a deeper flavor. They retain much more nutritional advantages simply because they are not processed as much as a normal green tea leaf would be.

You can find various grades of matcha in local stores or any online shops selling tea, however you also need to learn on how to make it. When using matcha, and not the regular green tea, you will receive more catechins called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is powerful antioxidant in green tea that are linked to treat almost every form of diseases as mentioned above. Keep in mind that matcha tea also has caffeine like standard green tea though some people would consume the powder by adding it into their favorite dessert rather than drink it. 

Additionally, one glass of matcha tea is equivalent to ten glasses of regular green tea when it comes to nutritional worth. This can also be equally appetizing because not only it is naturally sweet (high quality matcha) and has great aroma but also it is superbly nutritious. It'll provide you with the boost you'll need in your system for an active day to day activities in your life and enjoy mostly the advantages of each sip! If you are looking to stay healthy, go out and get some matcha today. Change your daily habit and start your day with a cup of matcha tea.


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