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What is Matcha 'Powdered Green Tea'?


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Matcha is 100% green tea leaves, stone-ground to a fine powder with a beautiful distinct flavor that offers multiple health benefits including reduced cholesterol and weight loss. Matcha originated in China back in the 10th century, and later became popular in the 12th century in Japan. Over time, it became part of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and eventually became an everyday drink. 

Matcha shimmers compared to regular green teas because the whole leaf powder is used resulting in more caffeine, amino acids and antioxidants being ingested instead of just the water that was infused through the tea leaves.This puts Matcha into the incomparable food category largely due to its high level of antioxidants, and nutrient density. 

Matcha is mostly done in two styles - usucha and koicha. Usucha refers to "thin tea," and is the most typical preparation generally served in cafes and restaurants. Koicha is then referred to as "thick tea" and is made with half the amount of water and twice the amount of matcha powder compared to usucha. Instead of quickly whisking, the tea is gently kneaded using the bamboo whisk (chasen) which results to a very thick tea. Koicha is usually prepared during traditional tea ceremonies which is made from the highest quality of matcha powder, however, usucha is only made from the second highest grade. And the matcha powders used to make usucha and koicha can’t be simply interchanged.

In summary matcha is a powdered, premium quality green tea that is grown and prepared separately to regular green tea. It’s complete energy giving nutrients helps maintain a serene and calm focus. It includes superabundant anti-oxidants that have cancer-fighting effects, provides metabolic support, and a steady sense of uplift.

Between all its benefits and its great flavor and versatility, it’s no wonder matcha is so popular! Kickstart your new lifestyle today!


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